3 Wedding DIY Projects Anyone Can Do

DIY projects are such a popular thing, especially with the help of Pinterest & Youtube.  With a love for the creative flair myself, wedding DIY’s are one of my favorite things!  Visit your local Michael’s or Amazon.com, put on Netflix , grab a glass of wine and enjoy a night of crafting.  You will feel so accomplished and very proud looking over the fruits of your labor.

Below are a list of 3 Wedding DIY Projects Anyone Can Do!

1. Favor Bags:

Copyright, Nicole diGiorgio-Sweetness and Light Photography
Copyright, Nicole diGiorgio-Sweetness and Light Photography

One of my absolute favorite types of favors to recommend for my clients are some kind of edible treat for your guests to enjoy.  With the recent trend on rusticand vintage themed weddings, I have absolutely fallen in love with these kraft paper bags.  Whether you’re giving your guests some candy from a candy bar, cookies from the dessert bar or a prepacked favor, these gems will absolutely work wonders and provide a beautiful detail for your wedding.


-Kraft paper bags

-Stamp:  You can order a customized one here

-Ink in your preferred color.


Place a kraft paper bag on a flat work surface.  Ink your customized stamp and place the stamp firmly in the location of your choosing on the paper bag.  Press firmly for 10- 15 seconds.  Lift straight up to avoid smudging. Set aside to dry and voila!  You have your own customized favor bag.

2. Rustic Vases:

Copyright, Nicole diGiorgio-Sweetness and Light Photography
Copyright, Nicole diGiorgio-Sweetness and Light Photography

This photo is from a bridal faire I coordinated at the local venue I worked for.  There was little budget for the actual decor so I had to be creative and crafty.  I loved it!  I gathered beer bottles, root beer bottles, mason jars, anything glass that would be easy to spray paint.  Then I visited good old Michael’s and picked out spray paint in the colors of my choosing.  For this design, I wanted to have a nice accent color of gold and copper metallic.


-Glass bottles or mason jars of your choosing.  The amount depends on what you are using it for.

-Spray paint of your choice (like this one)

-Newspaper or tarp

-Plastic gloves if preferred


Make sure all your glass bottles are clean and free of debris.  Once dry place the bottle or jar on the center of the newspaper (preferably outdoors or a well ventilated area).  Follow the directions on the back of your spray paint can.  Generally (shake the can vigorously, hold the can 8-10 inches away from the bottle).  Start on one side of the jar and rotate around until you have covered the whole bottle/jar.  Make sure not to stay on one side too long or the paint will start to drip.  Once the jar is covered to your preference, let the paint dry and voila!  Enjoy these beautiful vases as centerpieces, aisle decor, or filler for those extra spaces that need that extra pop!

3. Succulent Centerpieces:


If you are trying to save a little on florals or just simply LOVE succulents as so many of us do, these are a simple and easy way to add a pop of elegance and beauty to your wedding and you can do it all yourself!

I put together these succulent creations to use as tablescape centerpieces  for a few bridal shows and then, because they are succulents and can last forever, used them in a styled photoshoot I put together this past spring.  I absolutely love these and they are so easy!


-Vase or centerpiece bowl of your choosing. Goodwill or Amazon should do the trick. 🙂

-Buy pre-designed succulent creations from your local floral shop, Lowes, or Home Depot.

-Gardening gloves

-Hand shovel

-Spay bottle of water

-Succulent soil mix


Make sure your centerpiece or bowl is clean.  Depending on how deep the bowl is, fill the bottom with succulent soil mix.  Use your handshovel to create pockets for the succulents.  If you bought a pre-planted succulent design, simply re-pot it into your centerpiece bowl and use the soil to fill in any empty spots.  If you did not buy a pre-designed succulent creation, start with a few anchor succulents in the center and then work your way out til you are pleased with the creation. Once you have finished trans-planting the succulents, give them watering straight to the soil.  Enjoy!

What are some of your favorite DIY projects?  Are there are any wedding DIY projects you would like to see?

Comment below! I’d love to connect. 🙂

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