Part 2: How to Buy Wedding Insurance + Where To Get It

Just as you have insurance for your home, for your car, for your health, and possibly even your cell (if you’re one of those who constantly drops theirs in the water or cracks the screen), it’s not a bad idea to have special event insurance for your wedding or event.

Now that we know why Wedding Insurance is important, find out how to purchase it and which ones we recommend.


How do I get wedding/event insurance?

Purchasing your wedding/event insurance policy is super easy!

There are many different online wedding insurance companies to choose from (I’ll provide them below).  Most allow you to simply fill out your wedding/event details such as date, location, guest count, coverage needed, and policy holder’s name and contact info, venue’s name and info and you can then purchase and print that day.

Below are some of my favorite wedding/event insurance providers with example policies covering just general aggregate liability insurance and then a second example policy showing general aggregate liability insurance with event cancellation.




Interested in learning more about special event insurance for your wedding/event?  You can learn more about special event insurance by visiting any of the insurance websites or by visiting this comprehensive review on wedding insurance companies by .


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