5 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To

This is one is for all my entrepreneur friends out there.

When it comes to running a business, I’ve found there is ALWAYS more to learn and such little time to learn it.

One of the best ways I’ve found to continue to grow my education is by turning to the wonderful world of Podcasts! Podcasts are useful because you can listen to them anywhere. On your commute to work, out walking the dogs, during mindless tasks, or folding laundry.

Below are five of my favorite business podcasts to listen to.  I love them because they are all successful women who seek to empower women to do what they love.  Many of them take the time to interview OTHER business professionals and some of them are experts in their field.

1. The Goal Digger Podcast


Jenna Kutcher is a businesswoman turned wedding photographer turned inspirational entrepreneur and social media goddess.  Her podcast is full of tips and tricks for mastering social media, how-to’s in running your small business, and rich informational episodes containing interviews with other successful entrepreneurs.

 2. Bombshell Business Podcast with Amber Hurdle


This Amber Hurdle is a bombshell for sure!  A lot like Jenna Kutcher, she shares a lot of the tips and tricks she’s learned on how to run a business  and her info is chock full of wisdom from personal experience and interviews of other inspiring femprenuers out there.  I love her sassy attitude.

3. Christy Wright’s Business Boutique


Christy Wright is a close friend of the popular Financial Peace University and money magic man, Dave Ramsey. With that, comes amazing wisdom on business financials along with lots of inspirational stories from her own experiences.  Christy is a business coach and motivational speaker as well.  Every episode is full of real life and so encouraging.

4. Office Talk with Annette Stepanian


Annette is a lawyer for creatives and has such wonderful legal, knitty gritty information to share on running your business the ‘official’ way.  Like the others, she host interviews with other professionals in the industry and is so encouraging to her listeners.

5. Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy


‘Expert interviews, mini execution plans, and intimate behind-the-scenes secrets from my biggest launches… all tied together by my mission to make EVERYTHING you listen to as actionable and profitable as possible.’

If you’re one to struggle with all the different online marketing tools, this one’s for you.  Amy walks you through the different options out there. Which ones she views as best for which end goal and how to use them.  She also interviews other professionals in the industry.

If you are budding entreprenuer like msyelf who is looking for ways to grow your education as a small business owner and maybe maximize your drive, walking, cooking time.  I highly recommend giving each of these podcasts a listen.  Your life will be richer.

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  1. Thanks for including my podcast! I’m in great company here. Cheers to you and to your many successful events ahead!

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for all you do and share! Merry Christmas!

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