A Guide to Choosing Your Ceremony Readings

When you are planning the details of your ceremony, it’s common to include personal touches that are unique to you and your fiance! One special-touch that many couples choose to include is a reading. Here’s what you need to know about how to include this into your ceremony! 

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Incorporating a reading can add an intimate touch to your wedding ceremony and there are many different ways to approach a reading. If you have an important mentor, friend, or family member attending your wedding and you’d like them to speak during the ceremony, then requesting them to read a passage can be quite an honor. If you choose to ask someone special to prepare a reading, then give them enough time to prepare! Ask at least a month or two in advance of the ceremony. 

If you’d rather choose a quote from a book, bible verse, or other important work, you can also request someone special to read pre-written item. You and your fiance can sit down and think about words that have impacted your lives, relationship or how you hope your marriage will look. Choosing the reading together will make it incredibly sweet to hear those words again on your wedding day. 

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Depending on how long your reading is, it can be done towards the beginning of the ceremony, or smaller passages can be read intermittently. If you have other traditions you are including (religious or non-religious) then pairing the reading with these traditions is a good way to continue the flow of the ceremony. Ultimately, it’s up to you and how you want to craft these special moments! Just remember, don’t make the reading incredibly long – this will help your guests follow along without losing interest. 

Readings can be chosen from any number of sources – religious or non-religious; they are typically picked with some sentimental meaning to the couple getting married. You and your fiance can read the passage, or you can ask an important friend or family member to do the honors. If you’d like this important person to create their own words for your ceremony, remember to give them enough of a notice so they have time to think through what they want to say! 

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