Our Journey from Colorado to Reno/Tahoe

If you didn’t already know, we moved from Colorado to Reno last year! It was a tough decision but one that’s proved to be such a blessing. After a very busy (and stressful past five years– not mention the stress of being a wedding/event planner), we feel like we’re finally at a place we can settle and just rest in a sense of normalcy. We’ve been blessed with a growing community, lots of family and friend visits, and the best season yet for my business. Curious how we ended up in the Reno/Tahoe area? Read on!

It was October 2017. There was a light to the end of the tunnel concerning my and Ryan’s conflicting work schedules. At the time, he worked a job that had him out of the by 3:30am back by 5pm, bed by 8pm. My working weddings had me gone most weekends. You know the story, we were working hard to make our dreams a reality but we kind of like ships passing in the night. I was holding onto the hope that once wedding season ended in Colorado, we would at least have full weekends together and the serious couch snuggles could resume.

But this particular October day, Ryan was 3 days in to a new job that had him working 12pm-8pm (or later) and suddenly his weekends were Wednesday and Sunday. Tried as I could to be a supportive wife, my heart couldn’t handle the loneliness I’d be experiencing. You see, we had a handful of amazing friends in Colorado and some truly wonderful vendor friends for me, but we found ourselves missing our Lifers. Those friends and family relationships that had been forged over the many years of our young lives.

Our Journey In A Collage Of Pictures

After a serious heart to heart and a Marci that was suddenly quite distraught, we knew it was best for our family (and my emotional state) to make the move closer to our home state of California. That night, we’d agreed that in about a year we’d plan to move to the Reno/Tahoe area. We’d be just an afternoon’s drive to see family and live close to some of our favorite people. This was a very sobering decision as we were just over a year in Colorado, a few months married, and felt like we were just getting our feet wet, not to mention, we LOVE Colorado, but we just knew this was right.

Well, we’ve hired our realtor and have begun getting our house ready to sell. April rolls around and my amazing husband is ready to start slowly packing and begin to look for jobs in the Reno/Tahoe area. Not surprisingly, he ends up landing a few interviews early May and long story short- he is offered a job just three weeks later with the caveat that he can begin the 3rd of June!

Ryan was quick to confirm his new job and find housing for himself and we agreed that he would begin work whilst we lived apart and I’d continue my wedding season and leave after the busy September. Well the VERY next day, we found out I was pregnant! God’s timing is best, no?

While it certainly wasn’t ideal, we continued with the plans as they were and I survived most of the first trimester by myself with our two fur children, finishing weddings for my Colorado clients and working on finalizing house projects to get it ready to sell. Huge thanks to my brother, Carter, for sacrificing his time to help his preggo sister. Still sorry for making you throw out that whole chicken!

As a lover’s heart would have it, I couldn’t stand living apart from my handsome hubby longer than 7 weeks. I moved out of our Colorado home a month later, bunked with friends until mid July when my husband flew out to then drive me (and our little bun in the oven!) out to our new home in the Reno/Tahoe.

This transition was a lot faster than we had originally planned. We miss Colorado a lot. We’re so thankful to be closer to family + friends and I LOVE the wedding + events I am blessed to do in Tahoe. Overall, we’re extremely thankful that we’re here now and looking forward to many more years making memories and living life in this beautiful place.

What does this mean for Marcella Camille Events? Not much. Simply put, I love love love to travel back to the places that have been imprinted on my heart, so if clients book me for their Colorado wedding, I’ll gladly go. If they book me for a California wedding, I’m there (family in tow!). I also seriously love to travel. If clients book me for an Italy wedding, I’m there, too! I’m just so happy to get to do what I love in whatever place my clients choose.

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