Our Birth Story + Journey to Motherhood

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Our precious Audra Nanette is almost a year old already! How can that be? I’m still in awe of how wonderful motherhood is. The blessing it is to bring a beautiful life into this world. And amazed at the toll it takes on a mother’s body. We have been blessed with our best year yet in business and I’m so thankful as a year later I feel like I am just now able to work on some behind the scenes goals I had dreamscaped for Marcella Camille Events way back in April 2018.

With her first birthday right around the corner, I think it is high time I share (and process a little more) my journey to motherhood.

We were currently living in Northern Colorado- a place we will always love- but we had come to the decision as we talked about what our future for our lives and our family that we wanted to be closer to our California roots, but we really wanted to keep more of that Colorado, mountain feel. Having some relatives in the Reno/Tahoe region, we pursued it wholeheartedly as our new place of residence. We had a goal of being out in Tahoe by October 2018.

Mid May, we accepted a new job in Reno that required Ryan to move within two weeks! What a pleasure to see our dreams being blessed. Ryan moved quickly and in the same day had made arrangements for himself. Being we still needed to sell our home in Colorado and I had many weddings yet left to fulfill, we made plans for me to move to the Tahoe region a few months later.

And then the next day we found out we were pregnant. A January 2019 babe would be joining our family.

Those next two weeks were a whirlwind of getting Ryan packed up, finishing his job well in Colorado, and trying to savor our last days together there all while juggling the first-trimester pregnancy symptoms. If you’d like to read more about or journey to the Reno/Tahoe area, you can read more about that here.

But this post is about my journey to motherhood.

It makes me giggle because as timing would have it, we had decided in April that we would wait to start trying for a baby until we had moved and were settled/established in our new home. That ideally meant sometime in 2019. And then less than a week later, we became pregnant. #godswaysarebest.

My first trimester had me feeling all sorts of sluggish and man! That heightened sense of smell was STRONG. I still feel so sorry for my poor brother who had to throw out a whole roasted chicken he had just bought for himself because I could smell it when he opened the fridge alone. #notkidding. I was so thankful I was able to keep up with all my weddings and clients in Colorado and aside from feeling sometimes nauseous and being SO TIRED at the end of the night, it was totally doable.

Right after the start of my second trimester, I made the move to Reno/Tahoe to be with my hubs. We had a two-bedroom upstairs apartment we were living in and I kid you not, as SOON as I moved my whole body decided it was exhausted. And truly it was. It was a lot of work to get our house ready to sell while being in the midst of wedding season without being in the same state as my man. My heart truly goes out to all you military wives. All my grand ambitions of hitting the ground networking and visiting venues in the region were put to a halt because the heat that summer with air conditioning that hardly worked and nausea that had me throwing up pretty regularly was a terrible combo. That was a sweet trimester. It was a hard trimester. And I’m glad I never have to live it again.

With the holidays fast approaching, the last trimester was quite a whirlwind. In my third trimester, we were blessed to be able to move into our new home and the nesting/unpacking bug hit hardcore. What amazing friends we had made in our short time here to help us move in and even help me unpack and settle while Ryan was at work. After Thanksgiving, I caught one of those nasty colds that I swore I would be able to kick but a month later- the day after Christmas- I lost my voice on top of having the same cold symptoms! My poor body was exhausted.

Our last wedding of the season took place at 37 weeks (love you Katie + AJ!) in beautiful Orinda, Ca. I am so proud of myself for pulling that off and my precious team for being my feet when mine were so swollen. When I accepted this partial planning job, I was determined to serve these two as well as if I weren’t pregnant. And I’m so glad I was able to accomplish that.

At 39 weeks, on January 14th, 2019, my blood pressure had risen to a very uncomfortable level and my OB decided it was best for us all to be induced that day! What a surreal couple of hours knowing that hopefully by the end of that day, we’d be meeting our little Audra Nanette. I called Ryan and he came home from work and we let our birthing team know we’d be going to the hospital in the next hour (thanks Momma + Sis!). And I had the most peaceful time curling my hair, doing my makeup, washing the remaining dishes, taking out the trash, etc. We listened to Brad Paisley’s ‘Last Time for Everything’ on the way to the hospital, which I found to be very fitting. Our last time as just a hubby + wife.

I will share all the intimate details of the actual labor and delivery experience for my family and I. But after a long 27 hours and only 9 pushes, at 9:39pm on January 15th, 2019 our sweet baby girl breathed her first breath. What a beautiful moment to behold.

Audra Nanette: I had dreamed of naming my daughter this before I had even met my husband. And I’m thankful her liked it, too! Audra is a variation of my Grandma Audrey’s name (I’m named after my Grandma Marcella) and Nanette is in honor of my mother, taking her middle name

Audra means Noble Strength and Nanette means Grace.

What a beautiful journey this has been to become a mother. An experience I have prayed for fervently for. And one I am so grateful for.

Enjoy these photos from my very talented sister and friend, Hannah Mellum Photography.

As our Little Love is almost one, I’ll be sharing a bit more about that celebration coming up soon!

To my dear friends who share in the yearning for motherhood. Whether you’re waiting for Mr. Right, you’re waiting for that positive pregnancy test or waiting for the adoption/foster call, please know my heart is with you. I see you. We don’t take it lightly the blessing of our little one nor the heartache that comes with that waiting game. My heart is with in the ache of the wait.

All my love,


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