Wedding Advice From Real Brides: Lizzy + Nick

I’ve been inspired to ask REAL BRIDES if they’d be willing to share tips and tricks for all you newly engaged couples. Reaching out to the worldwide web, I got a few bites but I’m extra excited to share some planning advice from some of our dearly beloved Marcella Camille Events brides.

So over the next few weeks, please enjoy some wedding planning advice from some ladies who are so precious to me. Our first advice comes from Lizzy. Lizzy was married at Sweetheart Ranch in Loveland, Colorado back in September 2018. What a dear soul she is. I had so much fun helping her in wedding planning journey and loved hearing her thoughts on her experience. She is an inspiration for sure!

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1. What was your favorite part about your wedding planning experience?

My favorite part of the wedding planning experience was searching for my dress! I was able to find it relatively quickly, and trying on all different kinds of dresses made me feel like a queen!

2. What was the most stressful part of wedding planning for you?

The most stressful part of wedding planning for me was managing my family. I come from divorced parents, both of whom wanted to have a big part of my day (but also significantly dislike each other). Managing their emotions and juggling their wants and needs as their first daughter to get married was very tough. For anyone who might be dealing with similar family struggles during the wedding process, I would 10/10 recommend finding a good therapist. Mine helped me process the stress I was feeling to help me try and compartmentalize the things I could control with them at the wedding, and the things I could not.

Cassie Rosch Photography

3.  What is one thing you would tell brides not to worry about when planning their wedding?

Don’t worry about the day of details (especially with Marci as your planner)! The day goes by so fast, and everything truly does work out in the end.  Let your planner and your family/wedding party worry about the details. You should just enjoy yourself. 

4.  What’s the biggest lesson you learned when planning your wedding?

The biggest lesson I learned while planning my wedding is that you need to do what you want to do. Learn from my mistakes! I ended up allowing several folks to be invited that I did want there, and letting some decisions be made for me that I was not comfortable with. While my wedding is colored with so many happy memories and was a beautiful day, these extra folks that attended added some significant post-wedding drama and I should have just gone with my gut and said no to letting them come. Trust. Your. Gut. You’ll remember this day for the rest of your life!

5. What’s the best tip you can give future brides when planning their wedding?

The biggest tip I can provide is to hire a wedding planner/coordinator. Marci was an ANGEL and handled all of the aspects of our non-traditional, more relaxed wedding with no problem at all. It was so nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and handle the big-picture on the day of.  You will never regret having someone there to support and encourage you!

6. What surprised you most about wedding planning?

The biggest surprise I encountered while planning a wedding was how much everything cost. It’s so important to budget! We ended up switching out a few things to help cut costs (making our own food for dinner, doing plastic silverware and place settings, etc.) to save for the larger items.  

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