Lessons In Motherhood: A Review of the Last Year

Okay, friends- Audra is one year old today and I can’t help but write a little more about this celebration upon us. So thank you for sticking with me as we take a break from the wedding planning tips. I promise we’ll get right back to them soon!

Here are some little nuggets that my first year of motherhood has taught me. These are shared in no particular order, but I couldn’t help and ponder and think about what this first year has taught. Just as surprisingly rough living through the first six weeks of motherhood was, (those weeks are rough!), Prepping for our Audra’s first birthday has been surprisingly emotional, too. I literally CANT. BELIEVE. SHE’S. ONE.

So for any of you young moms, mamas to be, or folks who are expecting to one day be parents, I hope these little nuggets help bring you some perspective and encouragement in your journey of parenthood.

1. Slow Down

There’s a common say that goes around the parenting circle that says, “the days are long but the years are short”. And boy, just soaking in the fact that our daughter is already one year old, that saying couldn’t be any truer. There will always be more to do; more dishes that need to be cleaned, laundry that needs to be folded, more business that needs to be taken care of, more weddings and events to be planned (raises hand to all of them). But slow down mama, your baby needs you. Choose to soak in these precious days while they are still here. They may be hard but the memories are well worth it. And the opportunity to love on and nurture your little one is such a gift. So, slow down mama your baby needs you.

2. You are stronger than you seem

There may be days when the tasks at hand seem impossible, and your dear one just needs to be held 24 seven, but you’re stronger than you seem and we’re capable of anything that you’ve ever experienced in life before. That invisible bond between mother and child enables you to surpass that human level of energy that is trying to keep you down.

3. Grace upon grace

Well, try as hard as I might, there is no such thing as perfect motherhood. And I’ve experienced that more times than I’d like to count already. I’ll save those humiliating details for motherhood chat in person, but the true saying grace upon grace should be relished and taken to heart in this season of motherhood.

4. You’re Witnessing a Miracle

It’s been said over and over again that little lives are such a miracle. But it has truly been such a joy for Ryan and I to experience the miracle of life and birth and watching our little Audra Nanette grow into a little person. The joy of watching her experience her firsts: like her first smile, her first belly laugh, her first nibble of food and her first social laugh. It is all a miracle that is set right before our eyes and we can’t believe how fast this year has flown. So soak it in.

5. Pillar of Grace

I went to a women’s conference years ago that talks about the strength of womanhood. And the one thing that has stuck with me all these years later is the thought that we women are the pillars of grace in our homes. (I believe that wedding planners are the pillars of grace in the wedding experience, too).

As Ryan and I wrap up this first year of parenthood, and clink glasses to keeping our little one alive and thriving, we are thankful. Thankful to the One who breathes life into existence, and thankful for our community, our tribe who lifts us up when we’re down, and lives life with us on this beautiful journey of parenthood.

I’m curious to know what tips or lessons from motherhood (parenthood) you can share. I’d love to hear!

The idea of being the pillar of grace implies that the attitude or the mood we bring into our day, how we express ourselves or how we react or act sets the mood and tone for our home. And I’ve seen this firsthand not just with my husband but also with my daughter now. I have witnessed this first hand. When I’m down in the dumps or frustration is steaming from my ears, it affects my loved ones and those in my home. So, seek to be a pillar of grace. And on the days when you just can’t, there is grace for them, too. Cheers!

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