You’re a Marcella Camille Events Couple If

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You’re not the craftiest so you’re okay saying goodbye to DIY.

You value guest comfort + hospitality. 

You’re excited to bring your unique personalities into your design, in an elegant, timeless, yet modern way.

You know that after all the plans have been made, at the end of the day, the most important part is that you and your partner are married!

You are generally down-to-earth but know how to appreciate the finer things and to keep on task with a process to help you get this planning done.  

You are madly in love with your partner and can’t wait to say ‘I do!’

You believe being kind and giving a smile can make a world of a difference to someone’s day. (And your family does, too!). 

You’re generally a team player and looking to gather the best team to run your wedding day.


  1. Find that ‘pillar of grace’ or ‘fairy godmother’ to lead your wedding plans.
  2. Collaborate with and trust that person to help narrow down your options so you can keep checking off that checklist. 
  3. Gather the best team to run your day.
  4. Have fun!
  5. Perk of the process? Make vendor friends along the way.


  1. Enjoy your wedding day. 
  2. Stress-free as possible. 
  3. All your family and friends have the best day-ever. 
  4. None of your loved ones are ‘working’ your wedding.